One of the most common mistakes is thinking that all slot machines are the same, believing that software providers only change images and sounds to give the appearance of variety. However, as you dig deeper, you discover that each game has different features and often includes unique bonus rounds, where players can win more with specific symbol lineups.

Slot simulators are common way online casinos let their patrons play for free. These demo slots allow you to familiarize yourself with specific slot games and discover which ones are most suitable for each player.

RTP and RNG: what they are and how they work


As we said, all slot machines have different characteristics and vary in terms of RTP (Return to Player). RTP is the English acronym (it is advisable to know some English slot terminology) for Return to Player. It is shown in percentages (%) and represents the average return expected from a casino bet. There is a big difference between 90% and 98%, although many customers need to pay attention to the RTP of their chosen slot.

Let’s use the previous example: imagine a slot machine with an RTP of 98%. This means that, on average, for every 100 euros you bet, you receive 98 euros back. Although the casino still makes a small profit margin, it is minimal, giving you more chances to win every time you play.

RTP information is available in all online casinos, although it may not be visible when playing some slots. Instead, it is better to research the operator’s website, where a complete list of RTP games should be displayed.


There is also a concept called GNA, or RNG in English; These acronyms mean Random Number Generator. Normally, external companies certify the RNG, ensuring that the game is not rigged and is random and unpredictable. All prestigious casinos find it good to have an award from an external company: the casinos gain reputation, and the customers gain security.

How to Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

Online casino players often look for progressive jackpots, which can be local or part of a casino network. These huge prizes increase with each bet, offering the chance to win big with a small investment.

Platforms like 888casino offer various jackpot slots, including Millionaire Genie, Irish Riches slots and Pirates Millions.

How to play slots: the pay lines

When you play online slots, you are betting on multiple pay lines on each spin. If you bet on 25 pay lines, you bet 25 times the bet amount on each spin. You have 25 chances of winning when you bet on 25 pay lines, but you also have 25 chances of losing.

Each spin has a maximum and minimum bet. Slot games typically offer various bet-size options. It is essential to comprehend that the wager is multiplied by the number of pay lines on the slot machine.

Sometimes, you can bet on a different number of pay lines. For example, you can choose 15 lines instead of 30, limiting losses on each spin and reducing potential wins. Additionally, it decreases the chances of triggering a bonus round, where there are usually higher cash prizes up for grabs.

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